Thinking of selling your home but not sure where to start?

Talk to an Agent

I know it may seem obvious, but a lot of home sellers start by looking at houses, seeing what’s out there. Unfortunately, a lot of the really good properties are not even sold on the multiple listing service. However, besides that, talking to an agent is the first place to start. I provide a one-on-one free, no obligation consultation where we can find out if selling your home is the right move, and if so, what to expect through the process. I will also provide a comparable price analysis for your home.

Buying a New Home

Obviously, you have to have somewhere to move, right? So a big part of home selling is home shopping, which is why a lot of sellers start “dreaming” first before planning. And there’s nothing wrong with that. During the consultation we will discuss if putting your home on the market first, or finding a home first, is the best route. And we can gather those all important documents a lender will ask for if you choose to finance.

But… how do we find that new home? A large part of my consultation with you will answer this question. I have a video which describes the process. You can find it here (landing). I do ask for some information (name, email, phone) up front because I believe the information in the video sets me apart from other agents in the area. Your information will not be sold or used in any other way except for you and I to communicate.

Where to Begin?

Let’s start by having a free, no obligation chat about what it is you’re wanting to do beyond “sell my home and buy another”. Let’s talk about the dollars, the needs/wants in the new place, why you are moving, or why you think you need to sell, and is this the right time to make a move?

I would love to meet you so I made it super easy to set up an appointment. Just click here and pick a date and time. Please note, all sellers (owners) should be present for this consultation. I look forward to seeing you soon.