Welcome to Jefferson City, MO!

Governor’s Mansion

Jefferson City is a small city with a great hometown spirit! It’s nestled on the southern banks of the mighty Missouri River and is the State Capitol of Missouri, home to the State Government, and Headquarters for the Missouri Army and Air National Guard. It is also the county seat for Cole County, and exhibits some of the oldest architecture in the state (including the oldest state penitentiary, now a museum, west of the Mississippi).

MO State Penitentiary

The city has many features for a city of its size. The downtown is vibrant and filled with local restaurants, clothings stores, bookstore, museums and art, and even a theater. Some of the local businesses have been operating for over 100 years.

The city is also home to four high schools (2 public, 2 parochial), two public middle schools, and two parochial, and elementary schools in all directions (public and private).

West of town sits the Capitol Mall and the Capitol 8 Theater. The city also has large box retailers such as Wal-Mart Supercenters, Target, Lowes, and Menards and several chain restaurants, all conveniently located within a 15 minute drive in “heavy” traffic.

Old Munichburg

Old Munichburg

Old Munichburg is a historic district just south of the city. It is home to the oldest running business in town, along with several other local shops. Here every September/October timeframe you can come down to Oktoberfest, an annual event with games, classic car show, vendors, and food. And, the city’s best record shop (as in vinyl type).


Lohman’s Landing near Amtrak Station

Jefferson City is conveniently located near 3 major U.S. Highway systems. Highway 50, the 4th longest in the nation (over 3,000) cuts through the city running E to W. Hop on Hwy 50 to travel from St. Louis to Kansas City. highway 63, a major highway from northern Wisconsin to Northern Louisiana comes down from Columbia, MO (the fastest growing city in the state and home to the University of Missouri) and combines with Highway 50 running west to east then down to Rolla, MO, home to the University of Missouri College of Science and Technology. Highway 63 also intersects with Highway 54 which runs from Quincy, IL to Juarez, Mexico, and crosses the Missouri River. Interstate 70 is just 20-30 minutes up either 54 or 63. And south on 54 about 45 minutes away, the Lake of the Ozarks with an estmated over 5 million visitors annually, and now famous thanks to Netflix and it’s critically acclaimed series Ozark.

If driving isn’t your thing, Columbia Regional Airport is 15 minutes away just north of Ashland with flights to Chicago, Denver, and Dallas daily.

Want to take the train? Jefferson City is home to the Amtrak River Runner which runs from Kansas City to St. Louis daily (twice per day) and has convenient access just downtown.

Peaceful and Inviting

Jefferson St. Architecture

Jefferson City is a quiet family oriented city. There are plenty of activities here for youth (YMCA soccer, baseball, softball, frisbee golf, golf) and adults. And we’re a hop and a skip away from Columbia and the Lake. And across the river on the “Northside”, there is the Katy Trail. What used to be the MKT railroad, the tracks were removed and turned into a trail that runs the entire length of Missouri from Kansas City to St. Louis.


If history is your thing, Jefferson City is home to many pre-civil war era, civil war era, military, and architectural artifacts. Here you will find antebellum and parabellum homes, the State Military History Museum, the State Museum of History (in the Capitol), Veteran Landmarks, Veteran’s Cemetery, Lewis and Clark Heritage locations, state parks, river parks (Missouri and Osage), Amish/Dutch history, and more!

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